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  1. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Had a bit of spare time this afternoon, so made a start on removing the interior. Spare wheel hasn't seen much action, Jack and wheelbrace present, but tools missing. Spare wheel well is pretty good - a couple of rusty bung holes, but good and solid, and will clean up nicely. Near side wheel house looks pretty good now the rear interior trim is out. Theres a little bit of rust peeking out between the boot floor and the off side wheel house, it doesn't appear to be soft, and withstood a good stabbing with a sharp screwdriver. This will be properly investigated at some point. So far, so reasonable!
  2. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    This is what it looked like last year
  3. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I was hoping to have this finished first But it's stalled at present - I'll be making a start on the Cav in the meantime.
  4. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Superficially, yes, but all that glitters is not gold! Had a bit of a pick at the O/S rear arch this afternoon - as expected, its far from pretty! Its just as it looked - repair panels tacked on followed by lashings of filler. Where the inner arch met the outer lip, a good inch of filler was used to stick the two together. Just this one small scale excavation has instantly made me appreciate the fantastic condition my MK1 came to me in! The interior and carpets will be stripped out soon to hopefully ensure that I won't be pissing into the wind by repairing the arches, rear valence and sills.
  5. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Many thanks! It's been started up and driven around the farm where my unit is every few weeks to keep everything functional while it waits its turn for 'the treatment". The hot dry weather we had over most of the Summer means my unit is incredibly dusty inside. The car got a wash the other day - Before After Its not been forgotten about, just not got round to it yet!
  6. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    After either waiting for someone else to weld stuff for me, or borrowing a transformer based mig and struggling to get nice welds with the limited power settings they have, I thought...... And bought myself an inverter based mig - with infinite power adjustability, its as lot easier to weld to rusty old cars. Should make the weldathon to come a bit more enjoyable!
  7. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Sparkly stick has arrived! Should be getting a bit of practice at the weekend. (On someone else's car!)
  8. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Fully functional interior lighting now achieved thanks to Mr GreyDJ2. Now everything works as it should, I just have the task of taking the car to bits and making it look as good as it goes. (Still not finished the project that precedes this one!)
  9. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    There's a choice of my Mk1 (nice days only!) my two Polo G40s, my Caddy van, or one of my scooters. The van bears the brunt of the rubbish that is the UK climate though!
  10. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    The MOT and insurance runs out on this over the weekend, so it got one last ride out before being laid up today. Done about 3500 miles in it over the course of the year, and behaved impeccably other than one random conking out incident a while back. Once the current scooter related fettling is done, I hope to make a start on this in the Autumn.
  11. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    Just changed all the photobucket links to imgur ones as my PB account is about to disappear! Still getting a bit of use out of this old bus on dry days, I'm considering getting another ticket on it as I haven't got the time to make a start fettling just yet. Got until the end of March to decide.
  12. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I've not changed the fuel filter yet, it looked pretty rank last time I was under there! I'm gonna leave it until the rebuild though as all the fuel lines look like they'll disintegrate if disturbed. It'll be coming off the road as soon as the salt chuckers have been out so probably not long to go now. I'm pretty pleased that it's managed almost 3000 miles before giving me any trouble, and it's not done it since! Apart from the dizzy cap + leads, I've not touched anything engine related since I took it on.
  13. SteveL

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    This fine chariot conked out on me at some traffic lights yesterday. As I applied the handbrake at the lights, I noticed the tickover was at 500rpm instead of the usual 700. A quick blip of the throttle then killed it, and it wouldn't re start, so I got out and pushed it up the kerb and on to the grass. The bonnet was lifted, nothing immediately appeared to be amiss, so I had another go at starting it - it started right up! It's behaved perfectly since, but I don't have a clue what was wrong - I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it happens again
  14. SteveL


    I put the reg into the DVLA vehicle check - Tax ran out in October 1995 so highly likely to have been recycled.