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  1. hi everyone not been on here for a while due to health issues and growing older ive just read the post on facebook and is there an option for those who wish to arrive on saturday and camp over saturday night then leave sunday afternoon thanks
  2. don't worry about being shy stephen we were all newbies too at some time as for the autojumble vboa were not responsable for its reduced size it was billing that insisted the all the stall holders had to be vat regestered and licenced which killed off all the little traders who used to sell off their parts at pocket money prices i truely hope this problem is resolved by next year as part of the fun of billing was scratching around piles of parts hopping to find bits and pieces which would not cost the earth there was talk of having the vboa meet at another location but than has not been confirmed yet
  3. by the sound of it john it seems the managment at billing are hell bent to putting an end to all car shows being held there i think its just a question of do we jump ship before we are pushed lets hope their plans back fire and bite them in the arse surely there are some kind of show ground in the same area who would welcome events like vboa with open arms
  4. i have heard rummors that this could be the last vboa rally held at billing is there any truth in these rummors
  5. the autojumble is one of the main reasons for going to billing as you can pick up hard to find parts cheaply all in 1 place
  6. why are they doing this don't they realize they could be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs
  7. kensascona

    Sal's Calibra

    its in ipswich mate no idea if its for sale its been standing for about 4 years that i know of this is its good side the other sides covered if green moss
  8. kensascona

    Sal's Calibra

    when you have finished fixing the calibra up i know where the is another one needs fixing up and its a 16v model too
  9. it should have an engine number stamped on a ledge above the no4 spark plug if its a 130 engine the engine no starts with 20seh if it reads 20ne it one of the 115bhp engines all 2 litre blocks should be the same
  10. Hey Ken. What's the latest on your X plate 1300 saloon please? Thanks Matt O 

    1. kensascona


      she's still sitting in the garage where i put her in 2008 not had a chance to do anything to due to having 3 others to look after lol

    2. kensascona


      are you getting an itch to have a mk2 again matt

    3. Matt O-SRi

      Matt O-SRi

      the SRi won't be the last one lol ..... 

  11. not suprised its over fueling lol easy fix is to by pass the electric pump at the rear and fit a manual pump on the cam carrier just remove the 2 bolts and the blanking plate and fit manual punp in its place the carb your using is a pierburg 2e as used on mk3 cavs air filter kit on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RAMAIR-Carb-Air-Filters-With-Baseplate-Pierburg-2E2-2E3-2E-E-40mm-Bolt-On-/350692519541?hash=item51a6e72e75 check for correct fitment as they come in different sizes
  12. bet your chuffed as nuts sometime less is more the main thing is the cav is running so you can drive her about and get her back on the road don't junk the injection gear you may need it in the future i see your running the carb without the fuel pump on the cam carrier are you running the electric pump on a loop system
  13. have you tried fitting a new fuel pump relay i have a feeling that the red wire in the 4 wire conector is the power supply for the injectors try putting a bridging wire from the black wire to the red wire and see if it runs
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