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  1. Hi Chris it’s always a thought lol 😜
  2. Hi there. Looks a cracking project! You say offers but have you got a ball park figure in mind please?
  3. Matt O-SRi

    Hi all

    Welcome back Steve 😜
  4. Hi Neil. You never know mate .....
  5. Hi Chris. I’m ok thanks mate. Still keeping an ear in so to speak lol
  6. My mates old car .....
  7. Looks superb. I have very fond memories of a good friend of mine having one completely identical to yours around 20 years ago. We went everywhere in it. It seemed soooo fast at the time lol! He cained it everywhere but it just kept going.
  8. Hello mate. Out of complete curiosity what sort of price would you be looking for IF you were to sell Orwin. Cheers Matt O 

  9. Hi just having a look  around trying to put up a wanted poster point me in the right direction please Rosi E316

    2016-07-21 13.54.03.jpg

    1. Matt O-SRi

      Matt O-SRi

      Hi Rosie. Go to the main home page and scroll down to mk2 Cav classifieds. Then go to the wanted section and click on that. At the top of the page it should say something like create post. Click on there and write your post. Any trouble let me know and I can do it for you. Thanks Matt

  10. Hey Ken. What's the latest on your X plate 1300 saloon please? Thanks Matt O 

    1. kensascona


      she's still sitting in the garage where i put her in 2008 not had a chance to do anything to due to having 3 others to look after lol

    2. kensascona


      are you getting an itch to have a mk2 again matt

    3. Matt O-SRi

      Matt O-SRi

      the SRi won't be the last one lol ..... 

  11. I went too Chris. The light green D plate SRi saloon? Was a cracker. But your right the only MK2 in the whole show. 

    1. chris m

      chris m

      We need to make more effort....when there was more reliant robins than mk2 cavaliers you know something has to be done.


  12. Hi Matt, if no-one else has had it I'll take it. Is that £40 with or without post?

    What's your Paypal address? I'll send you a gift.


    1. Matt O-SRi

      Matt O-SRi

      Hi John. Sorry mate I sold it quite quickly. 

    2. GreyDJ2


      No problem, it was for 'stock'.

  13. What a great find. Look forward to your progress.
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