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  1. KatieCar


    Looks very tidy. Not gone far in its life as MJ's a Bedfordshire registration. Love the luggage area carpet. Is it carpet or some other material? Hope you decide to keep it as it would be good to have another estate in the area.
  2. Only just spotted this thread otherwise would have replied sooner.. Like the site; hopefully we'll be back there next year. Thought letting people who wanted to loose on the runway/taxiway (don't know which as our cars aren't up to it) was a great idea. Could have done with better signposting at the other entrances. We arrived at the far end of the airfield and didn't see any signage until the entrance before the show one. Obviously be less of a problem next year as we'll know where to go. Echo the comments about the state of the toilets. Marian was distinctly unimpressed about
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