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  1. I did a round trip of 540 mile round trip from Dover too Hull and back .... with a car trailer Only a few little jobs too do , change the springs from lowered back too original ... A couple of minor rust spots no bigger than the size of the end of your littlefinger ... It was waxoiled from either new or very close too being new .... and it saved this cav .....
  2. How does a non computer person get lovely pics of my lxi on here ... can any 1 help ??
  3. Thanks for looking .... there rear-a than hens teeth powersteering bits for the mk2’s now .... Ive found somebody selling astra mk2 powersteering rack looks like its the same ....
  4. Thanks for looking ..... I have a donor hatchback shell that will scrapped soon anybody want too cut any parts from it for repairing theres before i get rid off ....
  5. Does any body now or tried fitting a calibra steering rack with power steering ..... and does it need the steering column ?
  6. Its the shell test cavalier on google , its a 1988 on a f plate .... the pics are a few years old but still as mint with only a few minor marks as it was waxoyed from new ....
  7. Does anybody have a cavalier with all the bits too retro fit powersteering on too a my lxi .... or does anybody now if the astra \ belmont of the same vintage fits .... After a chassis mounting towbar for a hatchback , had one years ago on my lx ....
  8. New too this site , just went from Dover too hull to pick up my lovely lxi cavalier , last weekend .... only a couple of minor bodywork blemishes too sort .... It is on lowering springs , but got the original too put back on ,
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