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  1. Sounds like you are making great progress! Are you any further forward with it?
  2. ... and just when it was all going so well, running smooth as a sewing machine, when suddenly dropped a cylinder. A bit of investigation later and found to have a broken rocker arm. Not sure why but my brother is working on it, appears to have done no damage other than the rocker - very lucky - we don't know why it has broken, but more digging required. Even on 3 cylinders the car is keen to drive!! πŸ˜† That trailer is awesome but sadly, that and the Volvo are not mine lol. They belong to my brother's friend who helped get the car home. I know who to shout on if I find any other p
  3. Beautiful car! Welcome to the club, everyone is super-friendly here. πŸ˜„
  4. Al1exx

    I'm back

    Thanks πŸ‘πŸ» I’ll give a Vectra B some serious thought!!
  5. Al1exx

    I'm back

    How do the Vectra's drive? Never had one before but thought about it a few times, might make a good daily alongside the Cavalier and Nova. πŸ€”
  6. Al1exx

    I'm back

    Welcome!! Some lovely cars you’ve had there. I hope you manage to get back in a Cavalier soon πŸš—
  7. Out yesterday for first short run in 16 years... 😍
  8. 4 speed for the win!! 😎
  9. Count me in dude! Sounds awesome
  10. Oh la la very exotic!! 🀣 Once we are allowed to roam about again and my car is on the road we should organise a wee meet up
  11. I’m just outside Falkirk, you?
  12. Haha thank you - I certainly will!! It’s now nestling down behind a mk3 Astra instead which has a Saab engine - though it too has a slightly crunchy third gear.... The cavalier has a 4 speed gearbox exactly like my Nova, I half expected a 5 speed but was pleasantly surprised! I like a 4 speeder!!
  13. Hi all New to the forum and to mk2 Cavalier ownership though my dad had one eons ago. Ive got a Brazil Brown B reg saloon, billy basic spec with zero electrics just what I like. 49k miles one owner off the road 20 years. Body wise it needs nothing structurally though could use a passenger door (and a good wash!) and interior wise it’s a total time warp piece down to the original GM mats. My brother and I are in the process of getting it back on the road, 3 hours after getting it back to his workshop it was alive and running well!! Clutch etc seem great, even the brakes were o
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