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    Volvo (bought too many vauxhall 'boxes)
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    dvla's only 1988 calibra.....

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  1. Christ, Calibre's that move! Seems I need to get a catering pack of P40 and fire the welder up
  2. vxcalibre

    I'm back

    dont rule out an Astra "H", less prone to rotting for a start
  3. if i recall, the 5 speed was optional at a cost of around £200...its amazing how many standard 4 speeds were sold!
  4. very nice, just keep that Astra away from it, the gearbox self destruction mode is contagious...
  5. That reminds me, where did I leave the mig welder...
  6. that's some collection... bet you're never short of "stuff to do"
  7. always good to see a 2 door... make sure shes protected underneath for uk conditions
  8. Hi Ron, I'm saying SNAP! Sad circumstances but you're lucky to have a low mileage one owner calibre... Keep us posted with the roll out!
  9. looking good! i didnt know about the doors being different! found this for sale in Ireland
  10. no denying the complexity but yes it can be trimmed, not something ive the skill or patience for though!
  11. dont forget the dash board is likely to be cracked... excuse for a re-trim
  12. vxcalibre

    New guy

    theres a simple switch fitted on the drivers door, under where the mirror fits if I remember. You only need the actuator/servo motor when you fit remote locking
  13. vxcalibre


    nice car, have to say great combination of engine, body and colour! and smoke side repeaters too...
  14. vxcalibre

    New guy

    A mate who owned E100HFE went to Litchfield 20 odd years back to collect the last rear box on the rack.... hens teeth then, let alone now!
  15. vxcalibre

    New guy

    very nice, almost standard too which makes a change
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