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  1. Even better i didnt knowit was running an XE
  2. Welcome to the site, good to see you have brought your ascona over to the UK, good luck getting it back on the road
  3. Paul

    Hi Kris1211

    looks like a good base for a project, what does it need? looks like at least one arch
  4. Paul


    Hello Dazza, some more pics and info would be handy, hatch? saloon?
  5. White is always a good colour for an ascona, welcome to the site
  6. Paul

    New guy

    Will it be staying standard Lee?
  7. Paul

    New guy

    Welcome to the forum, good model to choose, what work does it need?
  8. Paul


    gotta love a cd/cdi saloon by far my fav saloon spec even more than the sri's
  9. They are very cool, especially in that colour
  10. Try not to buy a rusty one with a **** engine that was stupidly slow like you did last time
  11. Paul

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Nice looking Cavalier
  12. What were the thoughts of the members who went?
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