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  1. Paul

    Frostbite 2022

    It's been to Newbury and somewhere else down that way that was like faulty towers
  2. Paul

    Frostbite 2022

    you dont need a Cav chris, most will be sorned in garages up and down the land that time of year - you stay on track for Billing 202?
  3. welcome to the forum Tiago, good choice for the new colour. Andy/Brett have a 2 door hatch monza in england, which i think was brought into the UK from Portugal a few years back.
  4. well was very educational to know that earwigs can fly as i never knew that before this weekend, and everyone i have told didnt seem to know it either
  5. how could anyone complain about the toilets? they were spotless all weekend, people just to seem to hate porta loos but do they not remember after the friday night the toilets at Billing were usually an inch deep in wee and ruined
  6. the legacy of the earwigs continues, three fell out when i emptied my bag this morning
  7. more than happy to park the vectra in the public car park
  8. Looks good Nice pair of Zuk's as well, @andywill love that photo
  9. out of interest where is the nearest supermarket? wellingb?
  10. @GreyDJ2is the club gazebo at your house?
  11. welcome back, i used to have a white mk3 exactly the same as the one in your photo, bloody great car would have another if had the money and room for one
  12. will the mrs let you take the tigra?
  13. Bugger forgot Tim has the club credit card
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