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  1. Should be there Saturday and Sunday no cav but something equally as rotten
  2. That’s me not going works out a lot more for a family staying all weekend
  3. Man up and get it done or are you turning into your brother mr excuses?
  4. I know you lot down Haverfordwest are a bit backward but tents are cheap enough and taking a cave to sleep in seems a bit old fashioned
  5. I’ve just booked my space at Barry island pleasure beach for the vboa rally just in case it changes again
  6. Apparently there’s a 3rd option back to mh
  7. I’m the same due to ongoing health issues and not working at present I can’t connit this early, it was a day before mh that I fealt well enough to attend this year it’s gutting that the one show a year I’ve always looked forward to looks like a no go for me next year, maybe a campsite near retro for the night before as a get together like previous years to get me fix of Steffi banter is called for
  8. I felt the same this year the evening entertainment was awesome and like you said a festival vibe about it a brilliant focal point to get people together and not segregated
  9. Option one sucks no way I’ll leave my cars out of sight with the little scrotes about
  10. With needing to book months in advance I can see it being quieter last year I paid on the gate as I didn’t know until last minute if I could go or not and I’m sure I’m not the only one in that position
  11. Suddenly my two door doesn’t look so bad. keep us updated and welcome to the site
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