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    cavalier lxi with calibre bodykit/ Vectra b CD
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  1. rob 18

    Just joined

    Nice work looks mint welcome
  2. Cheers Greg slowly repairing and replacing things on it
  3. Hi thanks for the welcome no its a 1800 lxi .
  4. Style wise keep it as it is and the rear chassis has already been done near the rear springs it needs both box sections welding right on the end doesn't look too bad apart from that
  5. Paul the rust is on the rear chassis and front screen pillars at the very bottom and various bubbles here and there .Greydj2 I'm in Leeds west Yorkshire
  6. Hi well I hope to use it everyday once I've done a bit of welding on rear chassis and fixed the fuel leak needs a real good going over .It is testes till next year but I'd rather sort it out first before using it .Need some bits for it that are missing ie interior light and a rear parcel shelf I guess its going to be a long project but I'll get there
  7. Hi all finally got myself a Mk 2 cavalier its not standard it has the calibre bodykit it needs some love and attention but still looks the part
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