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  2. L13

    VBOA Billing 2016

    If i still have a cav by then i definately will :)
  3. L13

    VBOA Billing 2016

    ok yeah i see your point(s) like i said I am a bit of a 'pariah' at my own club, I stay with them because,again like i said, I change my cars often, and joining a different club every time i change my car gets expensive. I did see people at their cars, but i didn't approach to chat simply because i didn't want to butt in billing overall was good, I enjoyed it . . . but i don't agree with what frisco said about it not being a recruitment drive, isn't that the point of shows? To show off the cars yes, but also to attract new members? I remember being at billing with the viva club in the late 90's, we used to go around the field and the car park viva spotting and sticking flyers on any viva that wasn't on our stand, one year we got an extra 5 to bring their cars to our stand. Although what you said about what the manta club had going on seems a bit over the top, but they are a strange bunch after all Anyway billing was good, i kinda hope its there again next year as it is tradition....but Pbo has a good showground and is soooo easy to get to anyway(again) i hope i haven't trodden on any toes ( as usual)
  4. L13

    VBOA Billing 2016

    hi...i'm not a paid up member, simply because i change my cars on a whim, i could be driving an astra next week. But i agree with the 'facebook is killing forums' sentiment. I belong to many car forums on the web, they go through phases of high usage and low usage. This one seems to go slow quite a bit, or it's the same core members chatting, it's the same with the VODC, of which i am a fully paid up member, although sometimes i ask myself why as the content seems to be mainly questions about dash lights on an insignia, but i have a few good friends on there. Anyway ...billing, I came to look at your stand, some fantastic cars on there, but seemingly very spaced out , there was a large area bereft of cars, but no actual focal point for anyone to come and chat, like a trestle set up with banners and a couple of members in attendance handing out flyers and such like. The viva club does this, and so does the cav and chevette group. It promotes the club well, I did see your bbq which is impressive, but the people didn't seem approachable to chat to, seemed like a private party. So we walked on by... Hey it's not criticism really, I belong to the VODC, who did have a marquee, and a desk.... but was so totally closed off to the public that it looked like a private tent! And, even though i'm a paid up member, no one came to speak to me to welcome me to the stand or to show me where to place my cav. I ended up catching the eye of my mate in the club who told me to stick it anywhere as thats what he did as there was no organisation. I am a bit of a 'pariah' within my club as i do get outspoken about things i feel passionate about, but the only other member of my club who spoke to me all day was the one i have/had(?) an active disagreement with, he actually came and sat and chatted with us... which was strange but nice. I didn't even get asked to take my cav round the show circle, and i consider my cav to be a pretty nice example. Anyway, i've gone 'off point', billing was ok this year, but not as great as it could have been, theres a rumour about peterborough show ground for next year, which is a great place and so easily accessible, i would recommend that. Facebook should have an 'introduction to the club page' i guess, but anything posted should be to direct to the club site, as the content on there sometimes is a bit erm 'colourful' and some should be taken with a pinch of salt. The VODC has a club page on FBK (actually two, i dont think they can work out which one is the official one) but it has very little content most ofthe time, it just directs to the forum, which i think is how it should be. Facebook is killing the internet, it is a behemoth that should be put down.... anyway, thats my 2p worth :)
  5. so how do i become a member again? and how much is it? cheers
  6. Hi, i've been a member on here twice (i think) before, as Lord13... (Any chance of merging my accounts together or just renaming this one as 'Lord13'? doesn't really matter i guess, it's a stupid name anyway, i just use it on every forum) anyway like i said, I've been here before... once with a red L hatch and again with a mexico red GL hatch Here it is again at Billing 2012 ( this time shamelessly fitted with a calibre front bumper) I've tried to access my old accounts but i have no clue to the passwords or have any access to my old email addresses, I did email admin with the issue, but no reply Although to be honest, i've read through some of my old posts and think I come across as a bit bit of a nob :/ which I'm sure I'm not . . . hopefully :/ Anyway, I have now bought Dawn's old hatch 'Bolly' , I've posted up some pictures on your facebook page and had some good replies and welcomes etc etc, so I decided to get the rest of the recent pics up on here .. so here we go,
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