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  1. retrotony87


    Keir, meet up. Yeah. I shall make a point where and when mate.
  2. retrotony87


    Tony tmk106y
  3. retrotony87

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Would love to convoy, but going up Saturday
  4. retrotony87

    VBOA 2018 chat thread

    Going Saturday, can't wait. Convoy???
  5. retrotony87

    Russian Irmscher

    looking good victor!!!! Can't help but like the irmscher kitted Cavalier/Ascona. Big love..
  6. retrotony87

    Cavalier road rally car

    good lookin' hack machine!!!
  7. retrotony87

    SRI 130 HATCH

    fantastic work mate, big love for the 130's.?
  8. retrotony87

    grtz from belgium

    great looking collection of Ascona c's? good luck with the kombi!!
  9. retrotony87

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    so it seams legit, no gearbox wear then. Might even be a sticky clutch, especially if the mileage is low. Good looking cav by the way, nice in the dark blue, its not a colour I have seen alot of.
  10. retrotony87

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    what's your mileage? And on mine the mount under the alternator, the bolt keeper coming out. A bit of locktite done the job.
  11. retrotony87


    welcome. What's your poison?
  12. retrotony87

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    sweet!!! Nice to help mate.
  13. retrotony87

    Cavalier road rally car

    really nice to see a mk2 cav getting some race/rally 'heritage' good looking toy mate.
  14. retrotony87

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    I have a late spec hatch spoiler if you are interested? Has all bolts just some paint peel, but you would need to respray as it is a different blue. Pm me if you are interested..? looking good by the way.
  15. retrotony87

    SteveL's 1988 1.8 GLi

    looks good, just need a mk3 to finish off the collection.?