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    Retro cars, rock music. Large fan of the BTCC

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    1983 gl cav saloon

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  1. This sounds good. Would need to know dates for work. But I am down. Especially if it's Bath
  2. Just watches it. A very good video. A little more inspiration for my Cav....
  3. Oh. Well that would be nice..... If there is space... Sweet!
  4. Hi guys. I want to attend this year, but unfortunately not in the Cav.... So what's the best day to go on?
  5. hello mate. nice to see that you have joined. you will need to be a paid member to access all the site. but in members projects is where mine is. TMK 106Y.
  6. Keir, meet up. Yeah. I shall make a point where and when mate.
  7. Would love to convoy, but going up Saturday
  8. Going Saturday, can't wait. Convoy???
  9. looking good victor!!!! Can't help but like the irmscher kitted Cavalier/Ascona. Big love..
  10. fantastic work mate, big love for the 130's.?
  11. great looking collection of Ascona c's? good luck with the kombi!!
  12. welcome. What's your poison?
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