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Estonian Ascona C Irmscher 88'

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Some pretty little things.  Preparations. Had to replace 3 doors actually, the one I didnt, has been replaced in the past. So there will be no original doors :D  

Working on the boot/rear apron. Since my tools are limited to hammers and dollys, and also some bits of wood,  the result is nothing near concours quality. But the grooves there are necessary, so they

I did this, except the fuel and brake lines (which is a job I haven't sorted yet). I love your rotisserie setup....

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This is where my english is a bit narrow. I'm not entirely sure what you  mean by holds, but I take a guess that you mean all the bolts and bits. 

All of them were sand or soda blasted and then zinc plated.

Unfortunately there are not many (2 as far as I know) companies in Estonia that do plating and the one closer to me had quadrupled its prices. I think its mainly to scare off hobbyists like me. 

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On 15/05/2020 at 21:01, andy said:

Are the holds all chemical treated and plated? Or are they new?

Sorry my bad... Bolts and new parts, all plated and refurbished or new?

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Keeping this thread somewhat up to date. 




So front fenders got some treatment to the inside. Thoroughly cleaned, painted, stone chip protected, and painted again. The outside will be taken care of when they are finally fixed to the car. 

I have repainted the engine bay again and I think that more successfully this time. Ofcourse its still not show-quality but will do for me. 

I also have a question. I've gotten some suggestions over time, that I should replace my original (C20NE) camshaft with a 18E one. Is this something worth doing? Does a bare camshaft give me anything or do i need the whole head from 18E? 

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Posted (edited)

Question. Where does the fuel return line connect to? Right now im guessing to the sender unit? The fuel vapor can goes to the filling neck? Ive got 3 connections there which i guess 2 go straight to the tank. I think Im in a need of a thorough manual for assembly :D


Also another problem occurred, I do not have the necessary stuff to complete handbrake system, everything that is supposed to be mounted on the rear axle is either lost or gone to scrap because of being rotten. 

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Not much to report, other than the copper piping is mostly done. Handbrake system to assemble and I think its time to remove the rotisserie after that .

Also bought a bunch of parts. pehmedv22rtused.jpg.89f7bef03311a34fec2fcbdf657e051a.jpg

To be honest I actually bought more of them, a whole parts car 



Its a GT Sport with 20NE engine. I dont know if it would run, I dont have the motivation or time to find out either. Interior was the main reason for buying it, but I guess it will be quite convenient to have another car to look at while putting my own car back together. 

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