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    • Also found a place in malvern for the arches and sills, today' getting even better...
    • Great news and fingers crossed
    • I'm in leicestershire andy, the guys coming out on Monday to look and quote for welding the floorpan,  if its good enough I'll let him do the other jobs that need doing on it.
    • Where are you located again Kelvin? And good job! I still haven't found anyone for the Yellow ones paint and bodywork around here.
    • So finally, after a few months it looks like I might have a willing person to do my welding for me.  I was beginning to think I'd never get it done, so hopefully a week on Monday I might have some pics to put up showing the work so far...
    • Hello Paul, get some pictures up and someone on here might well be able to help.    
    • Hello Guys I am from Canada and I have the unloved Aston,a Virage. As we have none of these here(Virage),and our Cavalier in North America is nothing like yours,I am grasping at Straws all the time. I read some time ago that the early Virage's used vauxhall Steering colums and switch gear,the later ones used FORD stuff, I have an early one. Can anyone tell me if these might have been from the Mk2 Cav? I am trying to see if I can use a different steering wheel on the Virage (the OEM one looks a bit like crap honestly) and as there were many more Mk2 Calavier's,I should be able to locate a steering boss easier than from some unobtainium Aston supplier. Huge fan of the Manta's by the way,we just had those on my side of the pond.   Thanks for reading   Paul Montreal Canada  
    • sounds like youre almost there 
    • Near Wrexham
    • Looks in better nick than mine. What area are you in?
    • Hello,  If any one wants any more pictures let me know, as you can see complete with wiper motor, i hav'nt tried it since buying it. Looking for £150. Dave
    • Lol....just need a welder, sills, wings, time, money, new head gasket, new suspension and a million other things and it will be like the day it left the factory.