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    *The MK2 had more variants than any other car of the eighties; 5 door hatchback, 2 & 4 door saloons, estate and a plethora of special editions ranging from the Antibes, Club, Commander to the limited run Calibre as well as convertible variants. It was also known as the Opel Ascona C, the Chevrolet Monza, Pontiac Sunbird the Holden Camira, Isuzu Aska and more! 


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    • First of all, I want to express my unimaginable happiness for stumbling upon this forum. Cavalier mk2, or Opel Ascona, the brand I have are seriously underappreciated cars, and as such I'm having real difficulties finding resources to work. I look forward to using this forum, learning from it and sharing what I can. So, my name is Marko, I'm from Serbia, and I have a 1987 Opel Ascona sedan. The engine is the type that went into Corsa/Nova, the 1.3 S, available on Ascona only in some markets... underpowered slightly, but that's in the books for the future. Car itself is decently good, floor behind the rear wheels needs quite a bit of work and a few tiny patches in passenger footwell mostly. Engine is a long story, I will explain it more closely in some other thread, but long story short, it has been completely overhauled. Dashboard foam is cracked pretty much beyond repair save for replacing all the foam on it, seats have a bit of wear, and I am aiming to reupholster a big part of the car, to rejuvenate it and make it somewhat more modern - basically introduce some more modern materials while maintaining the original shape. Overall, I can write a lot about all the little quirks, all the little upgrades and repairs I'd like to make, but let's not go into it that much here, I will make a thread and post the pictures of it. Let's just say that, once again, I'm very glad I found an active group of Ascona/Cavallier drivers, and that I'll be honored for you guys to be a part of my restoration.  Kind regards,  Marko
    • Yeah 243 is china blue ,Cellulose is a bit of a **** to get a good finish. You need lots of very thin coats to get any body in the paint. And you will  use loads of paint to cover anything,  orange peel is due to low flow rate or pressure, if you get enough paint on you can 1200 it out then mop it   Get a 3m organic filter mask get 2k on it.  Think euro do brushable seamsealer I get mine from dingbro, they are only in Scotland tho.
    • Got the cellulose mixed a couple months back mine is an German ascona code 243 I think still need pick up seam sealer, have some experience painting not a lot. I ve done a wing and bonnet with so so results but with orange peel etc, Don t have the breathing equip for 2k
    • Thanks mate. What colour you got 17l china blue?  Used water base on the front valance and spolier, 2k on the door. Cellulose!!! You had that a while? Have you got any paint experience? I used brush on seam sealer, then tetroseal stonechip then tetroseal underseal  You source seamsealer ?
    • Neat work 👍my car is same colour as yours. are u using cellulose or 2 pack, I ve got a litre of cellulose so thats me for the parts I need painting, also what is the black underseal you use 
    • Cheers mate. .  Need to keep myself busy looks like we be off for the next 3 weeks... 
    • Looking good
    • Todays progress..... removed dash ready for welding o/s. Can anyone remember how the main loom is routed? Someone has it weaving in and out the collom mounting bracket ( this may explain the melted fuse in fusebox) Painted the n/s door 
    • Had similar thoughts mate..  was gona put a multi point from a 1.8 astra/cav ect  or 1.6 fi a nova/astra, port the **** out of the head and a high lift cam!! 
    • and ye still at milton keynes 👍
    • waiting chain lol. i hate waiters. the longer i mess with the cav the more i like the 1.6 , il run round on that for abit when its done. i even considered a single point conversion off an astra or mk3 cav as a bit of a mess about. 
    • Depends on location , over exterior welds i would use seam sealer then stone chip followed by under seal.  Some people I know use tiger seal smoothed with a thinners brush. 
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