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    *The MK2 had more variants than any other car of the eighties; 5 door hatchback, 2 & 4 door saloons, estate and a plethora of special editions ranging from the Antibes, Club, Commander to the limited run Calibre as well as convertible variants. It was also known as the Opel Ascona C, the Chevrolet Monza, Pontiac Sunbird the Holden Camira, Isuzu Aska and more! 



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    • Thanks Chris. The Chinese whispers were correct but out of date. Billing approached us roughly a year ago. How things can change in a year! VBOA had an exchange on the lessons of this year with LMF in which LMF did not make any friends. Further progress seemed to have stalled. I suspect that LMF had noticed the following. Overnight pre-bookings were about 350 in 2017 then 250 in 2018. There is a view that it was only the fantastic weather that saved the show this year. At least one club bailed out this year and a couple more were going to do the same next year if we had stayed in MH. Factor in the risk of wet weather and 2019 could have been a disaster. LMF has done a sterling job but in the final analysis it is just a large field, almost in the middle of nowhere.
    • Right thanks for clearing that up John. I had heard rumours that they approached us not the other way round. Thats the old chinese whispers at work then. What was so wrong with MH? I thought most people seemed happy with the progress of changes at the new site. To reiterate Paul's comments though,  you are the man for the reps job. I appreciate its not always easy though, but you have my full support in whatever decisions you make on the clubs behalf.
    • Thanks Paul. No haven't been recently but as I mentioned in answer to Chris's comments the site has changed with much more hard standing sites. All the car shows are now down the turn left after you get onsite. Straight ahead, where VxON and multi Astra sites were is now gone. Where we get our stand is in the lap of the gods but I will try to get us the same location but it is highly likely to be smaller.
    • VBOA approached Billing not the other way round. There is no clout to be applied, there are new owners and we and other car clubs are having to fit in with their new policy on car shows. This will be a multi year agreement, from memory 3 plus 2. There are two options one of which means that VBOA can run the show much as before but we have to advance purchase the whole site which has administrative and financial implications. The site available, which incidently is a smaller space than before, as all the area the 'other side' of the river has gone to other uses.
    • If billing is so keen to get the vboa back on site for a major event, surely the vboa must have enough clout to dictate how they want it run. For my few visits to billing, i always thought it worked well, save for the usual idiots driving like morons on site. Last minute camping was a boon, especially for those whose car may not be ready in time and therefore may not attend. If the vboa doesnt stand its ground now we could well get turfed out again in the future. Billing made a big mistake for which they will have paid financially and coming back cap in hand to offer show facilities again must give us the upper hand.  Dont waste the opportunity,  it will only be given once. 
    • no John you do a great job for the club and are the perfect man for the role, i just wondered why the vote was rushed, i guess like you say to make sure LMF didnt get wind.

      have you been onto the billing site recently John? just wondering how much it has changed, wonder if we could still have our spot by the trees
    • If there had been any chance that the vote would have been close I might have consulted members but £3500 was potentially (I emphasize potentially, not wanting to say that they wouldn't pay) at risk if LMF got any inkling of what was up. I wasn't going to get that pinned on me if it went tits up so I exercised my judgement. Anyone else want the role?
    • Its been put to me this morning by more than one paid member of the club, that shouldn't our vote have been discussed between paid up members on here and then put forward at the VBOA meeting? 
    • No, if the simple option is selected (same booking pricing etc as before but radically different show) then the show should still be OK without early booking but camping will be very messy. If the new admin option is selected (new advanced payment with the Clubs on the hook as per their pre-ordered spaces) as the majority of reps voted, I think we will get enough bookings for it to fly OK. This is a multi year contract, we never had one of those before! The current VBOA committee is quite different to the old one and there are some really active new clubs around.
    • There was a meeting in September at which considerable dissatisfaction at MH was expressed, not by me I might add as I would have gone back, it was decided to check out the alternatives for next year. A sub committee then checked out MH/another site in Suffolk/Billing. For reasons of commercial confidence, LMF hadn't at that stage paid us the money they owed VBOA for this year's event, we were told not to tell anyone. In confidence I told Andy. So this morning after discussion on the sites and particularly on LMF's response (it stunned me) which virtually treated us as if we had no alternative, we had two votes, where (I went with the majority) and then as Billing won, which option.