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    • No worries, ian is still totally bemused about his fuel tank .  More fuel in, no fuel out????  Have a feeling im going to have to remove the tank completely and sort it out properly. Probably no bad thing as i can give it a good going over and repaint/protect it while its out. However before i do that im going to attempt to carefully remove the sender unit today to see if i can find out what exactly is going on, just a bit concerned the bolts may not want to come out. Have looked for a replacemnt sender unit as well (as the earth terminal has coroded) but cannot find a direct replacement for it as yet
    • Wrong thread Andy (this is Ians) get a project one up.  The CDi looks good.
    • Not been on here for a while. Sold 3 of my cdi's last year so down to a early spec Sri and sr. recenty purchase this one. It's currently having some work done on rear arches and sills. 
    • Im assuming the only way to do that is to remove the sender unit?  
    • Id check the fuel pick up isnt blocked...the end of the pick up pipe has a gauze filter  
    • Thankyou for the reply. Yes i had no idea of what the tank was like internally, will stick another gallon in and see what happens. Its an 85 Cavalier SRi.
    • The outlet comes out of a swirlpot I'm sure and 1 gallon perhaps isn' enough fuel to allow it to self siphon as the level is below the bend I'd imagine, but that' assumption, if it has a pump it' an injection model so deffo has the swirlpot I'd be putting some more juice in it first off
    • Quite a while since i posted, work continues (slowly), but i have hit a stumbling block. I have had the engine running some weeks ago and even sorted out the issue i had with the fuel pump. However last week i thought i would start her up again just to make sure all was still good and refused to start. I suspected fuel was the problem so checked what flow there was from the pump and nothing. Immediately thought i must just be out of fuel as i had only put a small amount in before so put in about a gallon and a half and tried again, nothing!  This is where it gets very odd and im sure to be asking what may be a stupid question but took the fuel outlet pipe of the sender on the tank and no petrol, not a drip, how can this be when i have just put in over a gallon.  I am obviously missing something very obvious. Any ideas welcome.
    • Hey Adam, what size are the rims?  I'm going with 14"   I'm sure cav convertible e37gnr had those.......(long story)  
    • That design wheel was standard on CDi. Those look as if they might be the 15" version from a Mk3 Cav Expression. Much easier to get better tyres than the 13" originals.
    • nice, I like the modern but similar wheels once found in the accessory brocuure
    • Welcome to the site Adam, it looks a very good purchase

      my advise would be run it as it is at the moment then if you feel the need or want to modify it then at least you will know the areas you want to improve, be it performance, handling etc