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    *The MK2 had more variants than any other car of the eighties; 5 door hatchback, 2 & 4 door saloons, estate and a plethora of special editions ranging from the Antibes, Club, Commander to the limited run Calibre as well as convertible variants. It was also known as the Opel Ascona C, the Chevrolet Monza, Pontiac Sunbird the Holden Camira, Isuzu Aska and more! 


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    • Looks the part......LX are king after all lol
    • cheers mate,..im running 205,40s on the 17,s obviously doesent drive as nice as it did on the turbo rims but ive been living with them the last few years with no issues.. I think the bit of discomfort is worth it for the look of the rims under it!!
    • That looks awesome on them wheels what size tyres you running on them? Great to see a update on the cav welcome back 👍
    • Looks really good on those wheels
    • Just trying my hand at uploading some pics....     Ok heres a pic of the cav a couple of years back last time i had it cleaned up decent...   Hard to believe its painted 10 years at this stage....was only thinking the other day,  this time exactly 10 years ago i was putting pressure on the bodywork man to have it done so i could have the shell back for the Christmas holidays so i get stuck in bigtime!! I actually did get a lot done with it over those holidays and had it finished and on the road the following march i think...   Either way,  it was a quick 10 years and ive a bit of work to do to having it looking as nice as it once was!! If this pic works out ok ill get a thread started in the projects section when i get a chance...
    • He briefly mentioned it... think it was because he was in ford heaven 
    • cheers greg.......good to see the forums taking the power back as you say.....   yep, its been a awesome car to be honest....i used it daily for 8 years, clocking up over 90 k miles, in hail rain or snow and it was totally bulletproof, getting just regular servicing and looking after... ive since changed from the turbo rims to 17" omega elite wheels which i think suit it better....   a couple of years ago i got my hands on a nice mk2 astra van in very good order, only needing small sill and arch repairs before a re paint.... it was originally a 1.3 petrol 4 speed, but i did the same izuzu td conversion on it along with a mk3 cavalier pas rack and 5 stud conversion to take the turbo rims that came off the cav.... that worked out an absolute stonker to drive, making the cav seem a bit sluggish in comparison probably due to it being a nice bit lighter etc...   so that took over as the daily hack and work van, leaving the cav deserving a bit of love again and a nicer life second time round where it will only see weekend and leisure use after earning its keep for so long!!   so as i said, im in the middle of a 8v conversion at the moment,.......plan after that is to get some miles on it to make sure im happy with everything before starting a bit of a tidy up bodywork wise as its staring to fade in a few areas, along with a few unwelcome blisters starting to show etc....   i need to get back up to speed on uploading pics as i was using the old photobucket system before it went to pot...   will update with pics when i figure it all out...
    • yep, thats the very one!!
    • @oldskooler hi... is it your cav thats briefly on Marcus Hayes you tube channel? 
    • I remember this cav, went sniffing for it to buy (since it was an LX) and never found it for an offer, ended iup grabbing Richies saabilier instead.  Good to hear its going strong, get joined back up and posting. FB will hopefully die the death it deserves ASAP, its been allowed to run for too long if you ask me lol
    • hi everyone,...,its declan here from ireland........some of you may remember my project from 10 odd years ago when i re shelled an lx saloon into a new old stock shell and did a izuzu 1.7 td conversion on it.. well its been a long time since ive logged on, but i have to say im delighted to see lots of recent activity on the forum....it seems to be a theme for the last while that the old forums are re gaining popularity as more folks realise that the fb pages arent what they have cracked up to be!!   well my cav is still going strong.......after 8 years of being an excellent bomb proof daily driver, ive it taken off the road the last while for a few jobs and tidy up... im also in the process of converting it from the diesel lump to a 2.0 8v lump at the moment...   ill start a new thread on the forum as i progress on it..  
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